About us

During the cultivation proces we make sure the plants get enough light en space to grow to the fullest. That translates into the hardness of the steel, color-intensity and strong green leaves. This will benefit the preservability and look of your flowers. The cultivation process of the lily takes place mainly in the summer and the cultivation process of the tulip during the winter.

In the summer, lilies are cultivated in an adjustable poly-house. Adjustable means that the roof can be opened and closed. Opening the roof is important because it allows sunlight to reach the crop, making for firmer stems and more intensely coloured blooms.
The roof is closed during bad weather, strong winds and heavy (hail) showers. This helps prevent damage to the crop. The lily production period runs from May to mid-February inclusive.

Tulips are grown in the winter. By using six mobile glasshouses on rollers, the growth process of the plants is stimulated to the full. In practice this means excellent quality and environmentally friendly cultivation.
Here again the bulbs are given enough room to develop. Processing is carried out by the four brothers and two sons themselves, so that the crop goes to auction in a clean and undamaged condition. The tulip period runs from mid-January to April.